The beginning

It is not the beginning of the beautiful life of my little man, that sparks the start of this journal. Even though I would very much like to do so, somehow I did not get started until now. (Perhaps due to the trauma I went through.)

I finally get started when I became a SAHM (Stay-At-Home Mama) in March 2014. This decision was made the 4th time little man was hospitalised. Again.

Little man was arranged to be in infantcare after I went back to work when he was 6 months old. Ever since, he has been constantly sick (almost every other week). He has sensitive airways according to the pediatrician, hence a simple cough can very easily develop into broncholitis, and then pneumonia. Both pediatricians whom we often go to, advised us on separate occasions to take him out of infantcare (IFC) if he keeps getting seriously sick. The 3rd time when he was hospitalised, I begged my mother to help me take care of him. She only agree to take leave from her work for 3 months, saying these 3 months will help him build his immunity. Hence, he was taken out of IFC for that 3 months. And he was never sick throughout.

That December in 2013, we put him back in IFC again, hoping he will turn out fine. Turned out, he is not fine. He was hospitalised for the 4th time in his less-than-1.5 yrs life, 2nd time due to pneumonia.

I was devestated.

Once again, I begged my mother to leave her work for good and help me care for little man. Her work requires her to stand and labour without rest for long period of time. It has taken a toil on her health. I told her that I provide her with more than what she is earning now. But she rejected again.

With such a situation, hard decisions have to be made. That week in the hospital, Hubby and I worked through our options and decided that I leave my job to care for our little man full-time. It was not an easy decision. But I guess, a right one. Now, a month into my new SAHM job, I have seen little man learn and grow so much. Hubby and I agree that he could not have learnt all these if he was still in IFC. Blessing in disguised indeed.

This journal hopes to be a memorance of our journey together from now on. Me, Hubby and little man.

When we look back one day, we will see how much we have grown as parents, with little man meeting and exceeding all his milestones.

When we look back one day, we will see how strong we were, overcoming all the obstacles we face together.

When we look back one day, we will look back with a smile.


“When man fulfills his part,
God will do the rest.”

— Father Jean-pierre De Caussade

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