Food rejection

There are times when little man reject the food that I spent hours cooking for him. He will keep shaking his head, and spit out whatever I try to put into his mouth. It drives one mad, especially when you think of the money and effort that is put into the food.

Today is such a day.

Usually I would be able to keep my calm and patiently coax him to eat more. But today he was really whiny and cried at the slightest thing. After a few more times of spitting, I felt so angry I just had walked away. I don’t know what I will do if I stayed on.

After I have calmed down, I went back to my crying little man again, carried him up from his high-chair, and started to pacify and hug him. I told him how I feel, although he probably did not quite understand, and asked him if he can just eat a little bit more for me. He nodded his head, and I started to feed him again. He ate quite abit after that.

Sometimes I really feel like just giving him the cereals and oatmeal that he like better. It’s easier for me also, not so heartpain if I have to throw those away if he rejects them. But I have to keep reminding myself, I am here for him full-time, so that I can make a difference to his health. If the kind of food makes a difference to his health, then it is an area I must do well in. If not, my salary would have sacrifice in vain.

I must keep reminding myself.

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