Building up on immunity

Didn’t have time to write these few days as little man was down with running nose and a bad cough on Friday.

He has been sneezing a lot since Thursday, and I was praying really hard for it to be just a passing phase, making sure he was kept warm and continued with his daily supplements in hope that his body will not go into the sick mode again. But when he vomitted on Friday about 0500hrs, I knew we cannot avoid another battle against the flu virus.

I was thankful that throughout this period, he was not feverish. Deep down, I hope to believe that this meant he has stronger immunity than before, when every simple cold WILL definitely lead to a fever.

Ever since little man’s first hospitalisation episode, I have been searching and researching on natural remedies and supplements to build his immunity. He was given and still is on Scotts’ Cod Liver Oil.


Some mummies told me that this product doesnt contain as much vitamin A & D as compared to other products, but I have also read that overdosing on vitamin A & D may not be a good thing. I am no expert here, but I decided to stick to Scotts as little man likes it.

When little man reached 1 year old, I decided to let him try Sambucol for Kids as well, because I wanted him to get some form of vitamin C daily. I have heard many good reviews about this product and I thought no harm trying. When he did not develop fever for his first influenza jab, I hope to believe that it is due to Sambucol that build up his immunity. He is on his 3rd bottle of Sambucol now, and as long as I can afford it, I will buy it for him.


This time, when little man caught a cold again, I was really sad and depress. Having him at home with me for the past 2 months, he was never sick at all. And I was gleefully hoping that I can declare him illness-free for 9 months when year-end comes. It was like deja vu for me, and I was praying so hard that his condition will not worsen till he requires hospitalisation again. But I must do more for him other than praying. I decided to try the Young Living Essential Oils again, after reading much about it these days from various mummies. The idea is that applying these oils on the child will help to build his immunity to fight against whatever viruses that are taking him down.

I was quite skeptical when I first know about them, because they are MLM products. I don’t have a good impression of them.

One time when little man became rather sick, a kind friend I met online blessed me 2 bottles of oils, teaching me how to use them and build his immunity. I was very touched, but because many other things came along during that time, I was rather bogged down. And perhaps due to my skeptism, I was reluctant to apply them directly on little man. I diffused them in his aircon room instead occasionally. Somehow I didn’t feel that they helped anything at all after half a bottle being used up.

This time I was desperate for something to work. I decided to try again.



Little man was very sick on Friday. I started applying his soles with Thieves and back with RC almost every hourly on top of the doctor’s medication. On Saturday, his condition remained status quo. Hubby and I were glad that it did not worsen like previous times. Today (Sunday), the third day, little man is almost clear of cough, with just a little bit of blocked nose. I am really surprised to see his condition improve so fast. This, I hope to believe, is because the consistent use of the essential oils during these few days.

I say I hope to believe, because I will never truly know the reason behind his win against all these viruses. It could be everything that comes into play. It could be just himself growing up and getting stronger. Nevertheless, my stand will always be that I will not overdose him with all sorts of supplements and applications. As aptly advised by a pediatrician, do supplement if you need to, but no more than 2 at a time.

Because of this experience, I feel that essential oils work to a certain extent and I am becoming a believer. As long as it is within my means, I will use them for little man. Hopefully armed with all these, little man will become stronger and more ready to attend nursery when the time comes in 2015.

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  1. Lynn

    I think I need to build my kiddo’s immunity too. I have not given her anything…bad mommy!
    I’m just afraid she will reject as she is getting particular about the things she consumes right now. *headache*.

  2. Mama Ong (Post author)

    Oh no, Lynn. It’s out of desperation that I introduced all these to Jared. If not, I wouldn’t as well.

    Jared is picky as well, but I think it’s good, because he will not anyhow take in food offer by other people (eg. my parents). They sometimes secretly offer him coffee and tea and all those rubbish behind my back, thinking I wouldn’t know. He is satisfied with his porridge for the time being, so I do not have to spend too much time increasing his variety. He will still reject in the end.

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