The wait

As we slowly passed mid-May, I get jittery all inside me. If all goes as expected, I will be undergoing a surgery to remove a suspected polyp in my womb.

This surgery was initially planned in March, but unexpectedly little man was hospitalised then and then all plans changed with him staying at home with me. I was discussing with Hubby if I should postpone this surgery as I don’t really feel its existence and my gynea said I can let it stay if I feel alright with it in my body as he thinks it is not a big issue. Hubby said he fully supports my decision, though sometimes he can just help me make the decision and then force me to go ahead with that decision. Indecisiveness is not a pleasant journey to take.

In the end, I decided to just go ahead with it and not think too much, because I know I would be thinking about it if I procrastinate and that would probably not do too much good to my mental health. Just get out of my body and mind already!

And so the wait begins, slowly but surely…

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