Depending on oneself

Will be going to do my surgery 10 days after my menses, which will be coming probably last week of May. And probably have to postpone it again, or find other ways around it as there is no one to help me look after little man.

Was already very worried about the surgery, now on top of this, I have to worry about this. It makes me really upset that a potential caretaker HAVE TO travel leisurely during this period even though she knows that I really need someone to help me care for little man while Hubby is busy with me hospitalised and all those miscellaneous administrative things during those days.

My big aunt’s words come to my mind. DEPEND ON NO ONE BUT YOURSELF.

I guess we will really have to depend on ourselves now. Either I postpone the surgery again and risk possible complications, or have little man stay in the hospital with me during this period (though I really dislike this option as he could easily get sick again). Such dilemma. ;(

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