Review: Tiger Thermal Magic Cooker & Tiger Food Jar

Ever since little man started on solids, Hubby and I have been reviewing the possible pots and jars we require to make our lives easier.

Back when little man was in infant-care, we were using a brandless slow cooker my Granny gave us, just good for one serving. It takes at least 2 hours for the porridge to be soft and nice. Many times I have to rush home from work and immediately go on to prepare his meal and then fetch him from infant-care. It was so tiring. At times when I couldn’t make it back in time, we had to buy porridge from Kopitiam for him instead.

Then our slow cooker broke (silent YEAH!), and after reading much reviews on everything, we decided we buy a thermal cooker. It is said to be more energy and cost saving. Also, it will keep the food hot without needing us to constantly worry about the fire, or if anything is going to overflow. We were deciding between Tiger and Zojirushi. In the end, we bought 4.5L Tiger Magic Cooker because there was some sale going on, and many mentioned in their reviews that only Tiger products were made in Japan. All others like Zojirushi are either made in Thailand or China. Now, that is not entirely true. Tiger have products that are not made in Japan as well. You will have to look out for that stamp reading “Made In Japan” before purchasing.

4.5L is good for soup and porridge for 3-4 pax. Hence it is too big for us when all I need is to cook porridge for little man and myself, now that I am a SAHM. But we purchase it anyway since it is the only product on sale then, and we thought we can use it for some soups whenever we wanted to. Using only 1/5 of the volume of the thermal cooker to cook porridge has been alright so far. But it feels such a waste to only cook such a little bit of porridge in a big pot. Hence Hubby and I went on to look for a food jar instead.

According to Hubby, the thermal cooker and the food jar works the same way using the same theory. I am real bad at science, but since he is the physics master in the house, I choose to believe him. And then the search begin all over again.

One fine Saturday, we spent the whole afternoon at John Little to decide between Tiger and Zojirushi again. I was really interested in Mr Bento and Ms Bento by Zojirushi as it was reccommended by one of my favourite Bento website Just Bento. But we couldn’t find them at all. Somehow the Zojirushi products sold in US are quite different from the ones sold in Singapore. On top of that, the salesperson at John Little doesn’t really know her products, causing more confusion to us. We ended up buying a cheaper but greater volume, made in China Tiger food jar.


Above are the two pot and jar I have bought so far.

The food jar works fine. But I will prefer the opening to be wider so that it doesn’t spill easily when we are doing food transfer. One of the plus point is that the food jar is more portable and convenient if we decided to bring the porridge out for consumption, although it is still bulky.

Currently, our Tiger thermal cooker has been put to better use. We have recently use it to cook Hubby’s favourite Bah Kut Teh, only putting it over the fire for less than an hour. The meat was soft, and it still taste great. Looking forward to more good food. πŸ™‚


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