The things we do together

Days with little man, it is easy not to do anything and just watch tv, let him play by himself and only take care of his basic needs (eat, bath, sleep).

I am very determined not to slip into such laziness, although at times I will give myself a break. Little man is learning so many things so fast now. He can now the following all by himself:

  • Recognise & say the alphabets A-T
  • Understand simple English instructions (He used to only understand Mandarin instructions.)
  • Understand & speak more Chinese vocabulary
  • Wear his pants
  • Draw meaningful circles & line. He will sometimes draw a shape that looks like an A, and he will tell me “A”.
  • Build using Lego blocks. Though I think he enjoys dismantling them better.
  • Pick up food with fork and spoon at the correct angle, and feed himself without dropping much food.
  • Put on his socks
  • Pee when we ask him to. Although there are still misses, eg. he will tell me he don’t want to pee, but peed on the toilet floor 5 minutes later.
  • Keep him toys upon requests. Although it really depends on his moods.

I am going to be more hardworking and do more variety of activities with him. This weekend, Hubby and I will be on a search for washeable paints and all other stuff necessary for him to have an experience using paints to create drawings. I am also hoping to join some mommies for playdates for little man to play and interact with other children.

Now, just photos.









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