Of Barney and TV

I grew up in an environment where the first thing one do when we wake up is to switch on the television and channel surf. It is not a good habit, but I grew up with it. Watching tv has become a way of relaxation, even though sometimes I am not really focused on the programmes.

Now that it comes to little man, I am very mindful not letting him watch too much television programmes. In the past, this wasn’t quite an issue as little man was not attracted at all by what’s going on on tv. Nowadays, he seemed to be able to better understand the programmes and will pause to watch the programmes that caught his attention.

At the initial period of us at home, I scheduled the morning and evening time to on the television. The morning period is to keep him distracted so that I can cook in peace. If not, he will keep standing by the kitchen gate and cry until I come out to accompany him. His morning Barney shows minimise the chance of that happening. The evening time, I will on the Ellen show simply because I wnt to watch it. It will be followed by the news on Channel 8, and then dinner time. The evening programmes are really not for him, but more for us adults. We need a break from the children shows and music too. No?

Recently, Hubby and I noticed that little man would occasionally blink his eyes real hard a few times when he is watching the programmes or looking intently at something. This makes me really concerned. We are currently monitoring him and will decide what to do after my operations. For the time being, I decided to reduce his tv watching time.

These few days, I have tried not switching on the tv in the morning while I am cooking. I will switch on the radio instead and just let him play in the living room. At times when he cries too badly, I will then switch on the Barney shows for him. The evening programmes will continue as usual, as he don’t really watch our shows as much as Barney. At the same time, we will consciously remind little man not to be so near the television when it is switched on.

Seeing so many children wear spectacles at a younger and younger age, I want to do all I can to prevent little man to become one of them.

PS: If you think I should just stop the TV watching altogether, may I tell you, I can’t. The daily adult programmes keep me sane. I need to be sane to provide the best for my son.

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