Mama is mine!

Little man has grown to be very possessive of me. It’s funny to see how he will be really angry at his Papa when Hubby hugs or kisses me when he is around. He wouldn’t even let Hubby rest his head on my thighs. And he will keep saying “No No” to his Papa until he has no contact with me. This little actions are sometimes really heartwarming as it shows how much I meant to him.

There were occasions where I had to bring little man to see a doctor, and he will start crying when he sees the doctor placing the stestoscope on him, or trying to touch me. It always ended up in a chaos where I had to quickly end the consultation with the doctor and the doctor try to stay away from me as far as possible. I think he is not only possessive, but also protective of me and Hubby. (this happened to Hubby once as well).

I secretly imagine him to grow up being a really fine man who can take care of the ladies and the old in the family. πŸ™‚ My charming little man.

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