Baby talk

As little man’s vocabulary increases, his conversation (with other people, his toys or with himself) become more interesting as well.

Just a few days ago, I put him down in his cot and told him, “Mama is going out to keep your dirty clothes. You wait here for me alright?” He told me,”Ok.” and turned to Barney to play. When I walked past his room, I overheard him telling Barney,”Yaa..yee… wait wait…guai guai (meaning be good in Mandarin).. wait wait Mama..”

Last night just before he fell asleep, he started blabbering and reliving his day activities. “Mama… Popo… Ah-yi.. Yi-po.. Tai-po.. Jie jie.. Bag… Mum mum (meaning food)… Gai gai (meaning shopping).. Happy… Name… Hong hao (his Chinese name).. Good boy…”

And then this morning, he told me he needed to poo, so I rushed him to the toilet and put him on the potty. He was taking such a long time, and pointing to the colourful pictures on his potty, talking to himself about the flowers and little bears on it. I was getting impatient and went in to ask him if he is pooing. And then little man gave me a frustrated look and say,”Goooway!” (meaning go away). I had a good laugh. Fancy my 20 months old telling me to give him privacy when he poo.

My baby, my little man, you are growing up so fast and getting so adorable. 🙂 Mama loves you more and more every day.

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