Go away rash!

Since late May, little man has been plagued by this unknown rash that initially started out on his legs, and then spread to all over his body, including his face. At first, I applied plenty of Earth Mama Angel Baby calendula cream on the rash. It worked abit, before getting worse, and then spreading to other areas of his body. It becomes quite itchy for little man’s comfort, hence we brought him to see the pediatrician. He was then given Desonide, a kind of topical steroid lotion to apply on the rash.

I am very wary about putting steroids on little man as I have heard much of Steroids Withdrawal Syndrome (SWS), although many doctors whom I’ve approached told me that SWS will only happen when one uses steroids excessively over prolong period of time. Nevertheless, I will try not to use steroids as far as the condition allows. Hence I came up with this routine that I will only apply very little amount of steroids on him at night on those really itchy spots, and continue to use the calendula cream on the other bearable parts as and when we need to.

His rash slowly begin to heal, but not entirely. It seemed to be somehow weather-related, as it often comes back with a vengence whenever it gets too warm (and it is very warm these days), and goes off during night time when little man sleeps in his air-conditioned room. It was very frustrating. I couldn’t help but blame myself for passing on this “trait” of mine to little man. I myself suffered from such rashes occasionally too.

I started reading up more on other alternatives to help ease the rashes, and found that oat bath works for most people. According to what I have read, some people DIY their oatmeal bath by grinding the oats and put them into the bathtub with some epsom salt and lavendar essential oil. Well, we have rolled oats that we normally take for breakfast and the blender, so I figured why not try it out? Hence I used my U-like blender to blend the rolled oats the very next day, and started giving little man oat baths twice a day.

I did not put any other ingredients in the water as I did not want unneccessary complications of allergy. Little man is definitely not allergic to oats as he eats them every for breakfast. All I did was to put a few scoops of the powdery oats in a small pail of water and let it soak a few minutes before bathtime, and then use a small handkerchief to pat the water and oats on little man’s entire body. This is done after bathing little man, and i just wash the oats off little man with some water, and that’s it.

I must say that I was rather surprised and of course delighted to see how well it works. Little man’s rashes healed so much faster and the reoccurence of new rashes is lesser and lesser every day. Saying this with my fingers crossed that the nasty rash will not come back again.

Little man is no more an itchy baby, and that makes me a very happy Mama. ๐Ÿ™‚

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