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There has been a nagging uncomfortable feeling at the lower abdominal area ever since I gave birth to little man.

I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what’s wrong, the lower part will feel very bloated, sore and heavy, as if I have a full bladder, but it wouldn’t go away even when after I emptied it. It was not consistent, and will often go away a few days after it came. Then it will come back again in a few weeks’ time.

Initially I thought it was UTI. I was hospitalised 2 weeks after giving birth to little man due to a high fever and very high level of white blood cells. It is clearly a sign of infection, but the doctors at TTSH couldn’t find where exactly is the infection. In the end, the only test that came back positive is my urine test, hence they concluded that it was UTI.

I don’t know if this was related to that, although I don’t think so. I once saw a GP for this, and his diagnosis was that I had a panic attack that resulted in such feelings. He tested my urine and proved that I do not have UTI at that point in time when I was feeling really uncomfortable. However this diagnosis did not help me in any way to relieve such feelings. Other than those “relaxing” pills he gave that kept me drowsy all day long, I feel worse than I already am. That is when I approached my gyneacologist for a second opinion as I found it revolving around my menstruation period.

My gyneacologist found nothing wrong with me then, and told me to go to a urologist to check it out. Because of the possible hefty costs that may incurred, I went to the polyclinic to get a referral letter, only to be referred to KKH gynea-urologist department, which really is just a department full of uncaring, young gynaes-to-be. I didn’t know it was the wrong department. I thought the doctor at the polyclinic should know better when I’ve already told her I have seen a gyneacologist and was advised to see a urologist. Makes me really piss off just thinking about it again. But well, all that happen, happen for a reason. I was put through a scan again at KKH and they found polyps in my uterus. The best things is, these polyps have nothing to do with my lower abdominal woes. So I went through a surgery to remove those polyps a month ago.

These few days, that uncomfortable feeling came back again with a vengence. It was so bad that I couldn’t sleep well at night. I was initially thinking of getting a referral letter (the right one this time) to see the urologist to find out what’s wrong next year when little man goes to school. But now, it felt so bad, I think I better see the specialist earlier to give myself a peace of mind.

Hope that everything will be alright and my persistence will pay off.

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