May all little ones be well

Just read a post on FB forwarded by a friend.

It is written by a mother who just lost her 10 months old baby due to negligence of hospital staff, and perhaps herself. I hate to say that it is due to her negligence as no mother would want that to happen to her child. She just simply trust the doctors and believe that all will be well, until it’s too late.

It struck a chord with me, as I have been in and out of hospital with little man so many times, I have seen both horrible and irresponsible as well as really good doctors and nurses. I have first-hand experience on how young doctors at KKH treated little man’s symptoms lightly because he is going off-duty soon. I have insisted on seeing the doctor on duty in the middle of the night when little man’s fever rose to a new high, and insisted on some brufen for him when the doctor brushed that high temperature aside, still daring to tell me that he has seen worse.

Through these experiences, I have learnt that my little man only have Hubby and myself to defend him. He can’t speak for himself and protect himself. If we don’t take on that proactive role, nobody will. So matter what others say, they can only say. It really up to us to push things forward for our little one.

A dear friend who is a pediatrician in a public hospital once posted on his FB that there is a rising number of little ones who required exchange transfusion perhaps due to the hot weather. It was initially an innocent post. Then the comments from his fellow colleagues make me wonder what kind of people exactly are our governtment bringing in to be doctors. Some lamented the late dinner due to these increased in cases. Others said worse. Sad that these elites have their brains but forgot about their heart.

Okay, I am rambling. Just feeling rather emotional as it could be anyone’s child.

It reminded me to be grateful for my active, healthy little man. Every night, I pray for him. Every morning, I am thankful for him.

Thank you, dear God, thank you for watching over my baby every single minute.

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