Outdoor playdate 7th August 2014

This morning, we were out in the park for our playdate again! It has been raining for the past few mornings, hence I was really glad and grateful for the good weather.

The early morning, before we went down to the park to meet the others, was chaotic. I was planning to cook some porridge for lunch and store them in my Tiger thermal flask before little man wakes up, but he woke up right after me. Lucky Hubby was around to help out with the cooking. Then little man thoroughly wet his new top while drinking his morning milk. Both Hubby and I did not see what happened, but from the look and the smell of my badly-stained mini sofa, he did not vomit the milk. The milk must have somehow leaked out. What a mess!

Hubby waited for us to leave the house together. When we were about to walk separate ways, little man started crying for Hubby. It took me a while to pacify him and finally he is willing to walk to where the other mothers and children were. When we reached there, he suddenly refused to walk into the pavilion and started crying again. Sigh. He can be so hard to pacify sometimes. Fortunately, the activities were interesting enough to catch his attention, and he was willing to participate after a while.

Now for photos. 🙂 You might notice that we were doing more or less the same activities, with a little change here and there. Well, with only one session per week, all mummies agree to go slow and steady with the children. Activities will be adjusted and modified based on the children’s learning and responses. Thta’s probably what home-schooling is all about as well, to let the children learn at their own pace.


Lynn started off by going through the various colours and shapes we have learnt in previous sessions.

Connie was telling a story about the zoo.

Little man colouring on the worksheet Connie has kindly printed out for all the children.

Mama and little man working on the leaves, twigs and washi tapes kindly sponsered by 3M. Thanks to Adeline that we have such resources to to engage the children.

All the art works!

Working out their big muscles. Telematch! They all love it!


Mama telling a Chinese story and ending it with a song and dance.

Playing balls with friends

Singing the goodbye song and saying goodbye to all our friends.


What a morning! 🙂 We are looking forward to the next session already!

You can also read more about our playdates at Lynn‘s and Adeline‘s blogs. 🙂

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