Enjoying every moment

I was telling Hubby the other day how I feel about staying at home with little man these few months.

As much as I was really worned out on some days, I enjoyed being with little man every minute of the day. Of course, there were times when I can’t wait for him to go and nap. But hearing him wake up cheerfully seemed to be able to magically take away all that weariness. Little man will often wake up with a squeal of delight and laughter, as if saying that he is ready to take on the rest of the day after that short 2 hours power nap. And looking at his smiley face, I feel so blessed to be able to witness such pure happiness.

Hubby told me it’s good that I feel that way as I am the one who has to stay with him for long hours. It would be a drag for me if I do not enjoy his company.

Yes, I agree. It’s really not easy to be home alone with little man all the time. But he has taught me so much, and I find myself constantly changing for the better. I have always pride myself for being the patient one. And with little man, he stretches my patience and sees me tolerating boundaries I’ve never known I could go beyond.

All those sacrifices that I thought I have made, are no longer sacrifices when I see little man coming to hug and kiss me to show his love, learning his manners and saying his please and thank-you, regconising alphabets and numbers and so many more. And I no longer think about the salary I have sacrificed.

I love my little man so much, I often look at his beautiful happy face and feel the urge to cry. It sounds silly, but I think I am so going to miss him when he goes to school next year.

My dearest darling 宝贝…

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