Sharing and getting along with others

Today, we had our weekly playdate at Addie’s place. Her house is full of toys and the children started playing with them the moment we reached.

As we reached earlier than the other 2 mummies, little man has the luxury of playing with 2 balls all by himself for a while. When the other children arrived, the oldest boy in the group, Rae wanted to play with the balls as well. I did not witness the entire episode, however I heard little man shouted and turned over, only to find Rae looking startled and little man holding on firmly to the 2 balls, looking angry. I figured out what happened and immediately went over to talk to little man. I told him firmly that he must share the balls with his friends, and asked him to pass one of the balls to Rae. Reluctantly he obliged.

Later in the day, little man was scolded by me again for overturning a bowl of coloured bricks another girl, Faith was carefully sorting. He did it nonchalently with a blank face. I could not tell if he was being naughty or what exactly he was thinking doing that out of the sudden. I hit his little palm and told him to apologise to Faith. He did as told, in a nonchalent manner as well. After he apologised, I pulled him aside and explained to him what he has done was wrong. He nodded his head, even though I am not sure how much went in his little mind.

Such incidents are reasons why little man needed to go out of his comfort zone and interact with other children. Back at home, all those who play and interact with him are adults. I think he consider my younger sister as his best friend and bestest playmate and my sister adores him. By that, it means that she gives in to him all the time. Often, I had to tell my sister off because she was giving in too much to him that even when it’s not right, she will follow his instructions. However, little man needs to know that not everyone will give in to him. He does not dictate the universe, and not all his playmates have to adhere to his instructions.

As much as I hope little man will not be bullied when he goes to school next year, I too do not want him to be the bully. But it seemed today that he is becoming a bully in this group of children. Although he does not understand what he is doing, but I think it is important for me rectify such wrong behaviours and teach him in time for him to change.

I can feel the “Terrible Two” coming, although I have no idea how his temperament can change so quickly. And I really hope that guiding him through these behavioural phases can make a difference.

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