Reviewing of Targets

This sounds so much like work, but I guess it’s important for me to do this to make sure I am not idling the time I have with little man away. Having less than 6 more months with him, I hope to teach him as much as he can absorb. Tiger Mum? Probably not, since I don’t can’t really force him to do anything he doesn’t want to. And I did not enrol him in any enrichment classes as many other mummies did.

Anyway, THIS is a list of targets I have written back in April. Over these months, little man has achieved so much, hence it is time to review them. These are what I hope little man can learn over these 6 months. I am going to be very specific in the deadline as it keeps me motivated. But I am not going to be anal about it as all of these really depend on how much little man can learn.

  • Recognise and read out alphabets A-Z (uppercase)   -Done.
  • Recognise and read out alphabets a-z (lowercase)  -Work-in-progress. Deadline: End of September. He has been a little confused about the lowercase, hence I am taking it slow. A letter a day.
  • Recognise and read out Number 1- 10 in English   -Done
  • Recognise and read out Number 11- 20 in English   -Work-in-progress. Deadline: End of September.
  • Recognise and read out Chinese words 1-20 (一至二十)   -Work-in-progress.. Deadline: End of September.

  •  Recognise and say out his Chinese and English name in written form   -Deadline: End of October.

  • Recognise and read out simple Chinese characters   -Ongoing. To start in November
  • Recognise and read out simple English words   -Ongoing. To start in November

I am still pondering on how to go about teaching him to recognise Chinese characters and English words. I think I will start from the environment and words that he is most familiar with. For example, Mother, Father, Door, Toys, Dog etc. I believe the recognising of words must be built from his existing vocabulary. Little man has built up his Chinese and English vocabulary over the months and he knows so much now that it is difficult for me to pen each and every one down. Somehow he was never interested in the words in his storybooks, only the interesting pictures. Hence, I do not think reading more books will teach him to recognise words.  So probably flashcards would probably be the best way to go.

Do you have a good way to teach this? Do share with me your ideas. 🙂

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