Waterplay @Changi City Point

Our Tuesday playdates are often very “eventful”, especially when we planned it to be a waterplay day. It will often be raining, leaving us neither here nor there.

It rained heavily again this morning, and we were all hoping for the rain to stop so that we can proceed with our plans. Thank God it stopped soon after and we were able to bring the children for waterplay. Our initial plans were to go to the waterplay area at Tampines One. However, when Ezer, little Elise, little man and I got there, they were doing maintenance at the play area. The children were rather disappointed as they were all ready to play. We had to go back to the car and drove to Changi City Point instead.

By the time the children got there, they became rather cranky and tired. The other children were already playing, the two of them refuses to go and join them. I believe they were hungry as well with half the morning gone in the car journey. After some biscuits, they started to warm up to the idea of playing with the other children, and finally joined them after some coaxing.

Little man didn’t play for long. He didn’t want to join the other children in the “safe area” and preferred to roam around with me. But I think he did enjoyed himself at some point when he began to put his guard down a little.

I think Changi City Point’s waterplay area is really quite interesting and there are so many parts of it that we have not explore because the children preferred to stay at their “safe” corner. But there will always be opportunity to come back again and get them to be more adventurous.

Thanks to one of the mummies, Trisa for some of these beautiful photos.

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