Outdoor playdate 21st August 2014

We went to one of the reservoir nearby this week, instead of the park. It is always nice to go out early morning and get some fresh air.

As usual, we started off by singing the welcome song and recapping on colours and shapes.

Followed by an interesting story about a very busy spider told by A. It was nice to have a book the children can interact with. I think it engages them better that way.

Little man feeling the different texture presented in the story.

After the story, we proceeded to let the children have some fun at texture rubbing. Perhaps they were too young to understand what is going on, nevertheless it was a good experience.

Teaching little man to feel the texture of the rough ground and colour on it.

Most children (and mummies) were hungry by the end of the activity and we were glad it was time to have some snacks!

More storytelling and songs in Chinese after tea.

Mama leading the children to sing and dance to the Chinese song, which is a little too tough for the children. Something to improve on for the next session.

And then one of my favourite activities, Practical Life. My favourite because much thought and theory has been put into these activities. We are lucky to have mummies who are more experienced in early childhood education. It really makes a difference as there are so many activities that I wouldn’t have think of myself. After being a P6 teacher for so many years, I am somehow rather rusty and inexperienced in such activities for younger children.

Finally little man can/ is willing to sort according to colours. He seemed so oblivious previously.

And finally, we sang our action songs and let the children play at the playground nearby.

Little man trying out Ray’s scooter and getting it immediately. So proud of him. πŸ™‚

So guess, who was very very tired at the end of the session?

Sleeping on our way home

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