Knock knock!

Hubby has the habit of knocking the door before going into little man’s room.

In a recent conversation we had, Hubby asked me why I did not do so. No particular reason, I replied. I just didn’t think I need to knock since he is still so young.

Hubby begged to differ.

He explained that we will first need to respect little man’s privacy, before requesting that from him. If he grows up understanding that knocking before entering someone else’s room is a form of respect for that person, he will do so in the future when he wants to enter our room.

That conversation stuck with me.

I think I have landed myself with the hubby jackpot. 🙂 Who would have guessed that my nerdyhamsum-looking Hubby have so much parenting wisdom within him.

Knock knock… who is the naughty boy here?

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