This is a recent bedtime conversation with Hubby.

Hubs: So what is Thursday going to be like?
Me : HH (little man) will sleep over at my Mum’s place on Wednesday night. Thursday after my event, I will go over to her place and pick him up.

Hubs: Ok.
Me : You want him back for Thursday night right?

Hubs: Yup.
Me : I will rush there to pick him up, only because you wanted him back.

Hubs: ……
Me : If you put yourself in my shoes, you will know how rush it is for me. I was actually hoping to bring him back only on Friday, so that I can have some time by myself to shop or ask the massage lady over. I really need some massage. I feel so tired. You get to have some time during lunch to roam around, but I have to bring him everywhere I go. Not that I don’t enjoy spending time with him, but it is so tiring for me, I just needed a break you know.

Hubs: ……
Me : HM was telling me how her hubby enjoys spending time alone with her. But I think you only want your son…. (and I blabbered and blabbered and blabbered)

I love little man more than I love myself. Such love is amazing, overwhelming and indescribeable. But sometimes even the greatest love needs a little break.

You know, Stay-At-Home-Mum can burn out too.

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