Preparing for Korea

As mentioned in my previous posts, we will be travelling to Korea to experience autumn, something we will probably not be able to do after I resume work.

This is not our first time travelling with little man. We went to Korea as well last April when little man was about 6-months old to catch spring. There were many unknowns travelling with a baby then, but we decided to go ahead with it. Come to think of it, I am quite proud of ourselves. It was not as difficult as we thought. We eventually survived it, bonding closer as a family.

The travelling this time, will not be quite the same as last year, because our baby has grown up to be an independent-wannabe, who have his own thoughts about everything and will not hesitate to make a big fuss or give a determined no-no. Keeping him occupied will not be as easy as previously. Keeping him safe and close to us will not be an easy task as well.

Last year, I baby-carried him for the entire 2 weeks trip, and we survived without a stroller. He was probably only 7kg then. We had decided against bringing our Maclaren Quest along because Hubby felt that he was not able to handle 2 luggages (1 super-sized and 1 just a little smaller) together with a stroller. Baby-carrying little man allowed me to be hands-free and able to help Hubby along the way to and fro the airports in Busan and Seoul.

This year, we are considering if we should buy the light-weight Seebaby stroller just for travelling simply because little man is getting too heavy for us. Hubby and I have been experiencing joints-pain and muscles-ache, and it’s always after carrying little man. Hence, this became one of our consideration.

At the same time, I am concerned with keeping little man close to us when he is given time to walk about. Little man often refuses to be hand-held. And this is a concern when he starts to run about. He can get high by just running about, and when he goes to that state, he becomes uncontrollable. We have been blessed a toy doggie harness by a close cousin of mine. Little man loves the doggie, but hates to be strapped. What can I say, my little man is a free spirit who hates to be confined. Sigh. Right now, I am considering of buying him a small backpack harness that is small and doesn’t make him feel burdened or restricted. Have to go shopping these few weeks to look for a suitable one. Any reccommendations please?

I think if we can slowly get little man to get used to carrying a backpack, we could let him bring some of his little busy bags in that backpack. Some busy bags activities I am thinking of putting into this bag for this trip:

  • Stickers & sticker book
  • Colour sticks (We going to purchase them from Taobao. Thanks to Mummy Connie’s reccommendation! Little man likes to play with them with or without the velcro.)
  • Small puzzles (Thanks to Mummy Connie as well!)
  • And perhaps some of those little books we just got for little man

Well, we shall see how it goes from here. Will update more when we continue our planning. 🙂

Korea trip 2013. Little man @ 6 months old. Full baby-carrying.

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