Refusing to sleep. Again.

Last night, for some reason, little man woke up suddenly at 1.30am and refused to go back to sleep.

He fidgeted, played, talk gibberish to himself and 自编自导自演 for almost 2 hours. Usually, Hubby would be the one handling him if he cries for us at night. He has been sleeping on his own since birth, hence Hubby will usually go over to his room and pat him back to sleep. Last night was ultimatum. Hubby couldn’t take it anymore and came to ask me take over.

I went over, put him to bed and then slept on the adult bed nearby. I told him if I hear anymore noise from him, I will go back to my room. He was very active and kept standing on his cot and calling for me. I ignored him and continue to sleep. He started crying. I stood up and told him again that it is night-time and everyone is sleeping, he should go back to sleep too. He wouldn’t give up trying to get me to play. I continued to ignore his pleas. Finally, he drifted off to lalaland at 5-ish am.

I thought that episode will make him really tired today. Apparently, I was wrong. I am tired, but not him. Below is a video, an hour after he was put to bed.

Sigh. A sleepless toddler makes a very tired Mama.

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