Loving Bishan Park

Whenever we have time and the weather permits, we love to go down to our Bishan Park for a walk before dinner, or to watch birds fly by, dogs interacting with one another and little children play.

Recently, we found this spot at the park further away from our usual path where we can get up close and personal with the fishes in the river. They are really big and very hungry. We bought a packet of fish foods and visit them very frequently these days.

Our Bishan Park 🙂 Proud to be staying in this neighbourhood.

Happy to be visiting the fishes again!

Mesmerised by the big fishes. My mother actually asked if these fish can be eaten, sounding really interested to taste them….

Feeding fishes with Daddy.

Little man loves to see how the fishes rush up to him and gobbled down the food. It excites me too to see swimming over with such enthusiasm. But I am really curious to know if it is alright for us to feed them. There aren’t any signs saying that we shouldn’t, and we can always see children and adults catching fishes by the river. Based on what we observe, it should be alright as long as we are not choking them with food not meant for them.

Perhaps we can visit the fishes some time when we are having our weekly activities at the park. 🙂

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