Playdate 2nd October 2014

So many things to do with so little time left. Somehow everything is left hanging midway. I really need time alone to complete them and strike them off my to-do list that are getting longer. So here I am, catching up on some time alone, hiding in the study room while my sister takes time to entertain my little man.

Once again, we had a wonderful time learning together at Mummy Adeline’s place. It is really interesting to see how much these little ones have grown in knowledge and character as time passes, and also very heartwarming to see them gradually become friends with one another. I have come to realise that very young children (especially little man) generally do not warm up to other children of their age as easily as they warm up to adults who are willing to play and give in to them.

Anyway, letting the photos do the talking again as my sister is rushing me to end whatever I am doing and go out to help her entertain my son. :/

Mummy Lynn starting off with a recap of the animals and words.

Mummy Adeline went on to tell a interactive story about a sheep.

And she generously provided us with the materials to make a sheep of our own.

Little man and his sheep

Our Chinese storytelling resume!

Practical life: Learning to string. Not an easy task.

Learning to button, zip, tie laces and unbuckle. This is very interesting but a little difficult for little man. Good, because he can learn more as he progresses.

Identifying animals. Something he is very good in πŸ™‚

Unlocking different types of locks.

Puzzles. Something he has become rather good at as well.

Ohh…Ahh..Beh…Ahh..Som! Getting partners for the relay in Big Muscles segment.

Run baby run!

Singing action songs!

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