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It’s been a long and tiring two weeks. We have been away to Korea, namely Seoul and Jeju.

The trip started out with Hubby getting sick. The both of us had very little sleep two nights before the trip. We only had time to pack and prepare for the trip after little man goes to bed at night, and by the time we decided to take a break, we realised it was already very late.

Little man started having angry rashes on this chest and abdominal on the second day, and the itch irritates him so much that he woke up crying and fussing that night and managed to get back to sleep only after a long while. He became more clingy to me and only wanted me to carry him. I didn’t sleep much again that night, and subsequently fell sick the next day.

We eventually visited a pediatrician in Seoul a few days later and found out that those rashes are a sign of viral infection. We were glad that it came out only as irritating rashes, not a bad cold. However, little man finally fell sick the day before we came back to Singapore. “Finally” because there seemed to be a nasty flu bug going around Seoul. Everyone was coughing and sneezing away so badly, it felt like it is something we can’t quite avoid. On the flight back to Singapore, it was as if we were right in the middle of a symphony of coughs and sneezes.

Right now, little man is nursing his very blocked nose that sometimes runs. I am trying hard not to be infected by him, but I can feel it coming too. Hubby is the strong one standing *fingers crossed* (He can be very sick when he does fall sick.)

I have not been updating much my facebook and blog during the trip as there was not much me-time during these two weeks. It was also something I decided not to do after watching an episode of Crime Watch on cyber-crime before we left for Korea. I will write more about it in another post. Meanwhile, please pray for all of us to get well soon.

Korea Day 1: My little koala and his indispensable Mama

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