I think it is really important to take photos and videos to record the happy snippets of a trip. Sometimes you get too overwhelmed by the disasters that happened and the weariness and negativity that came along with them, you forgot that it was not such a bad trip after all.

Hubby and I were looking through the photos and videos we have taken. You know, I think despite him not eating and sleeping well, he was actually enjoying himself most of the time. These few days he kept asking me to 坐飞机,去韩国 (take a plane to Korea). He told me that he likes Korea (although I think he probably what he is talking about).

Ironically, I actually miss Korea as well, now that I am back in Singapore. I am actually thinking of our next overseas trip.

Maybe the trip was not as bad as I made it to be.

One of the many videos showing how little man enjoy his newfound freedom in Korea.