No longer a baby

My little baby is growing up too fast. He is becoming more and more of a charismatic little man each day. I am so in love with him.

That day, we hitched a ride from Mummy F, who kindly offered to drive us home. After getting out of the car, I suddenly realised I left little man’s cap in the car. I put little man down at the walkway, told him to stay put and wait for me, and then ran after the car. Luckily Mummy F saw me and I managed to retrieve his cap. As I walked back, I realised how dangerous it was to just leave little man there. Little man stayed put as I ordered. He looked really concerned when I got back. I felt so bad that I kept apologising to him. And it dawned upon me, what a mature boy he has become given his young age.

Sometimes, when little man is with my sister, he would forget about my existence. My sister and brother are his best friends as of now. I would sometimes pretend to be really upset and cry. He will then come to me and tell me gently, “妈妈,不要哭。” (Mummy, please don’t cry.) He will be really frustrated and upset if he is not able to make me stop crying. The way he tried to comfort me is so adorable and touching. I eventually realised that he learnt it from the way I comforted him when he was crying.

There was one time I did something not to his preference without realising it. He looked at me with teary eyes, suddenly took in a deep breath and uttered,“泓昊,不要哭。” , telling himself not to cry. He dried his tears with his chubby little hand and continued playing with me.

I have always been calling little man 宝贝 (darling) since he was a baby. That day when we were playing some puzzles together, I accidentally put a piece wrongly, and little man said to me, “放错了,宝贝。” I had to kiss and hug him so hard after hearing him say that to me. My little baby is calling me back his 宝贝. Hubby doesn’t even say that to me!

And he recently learnt to use an iphone to take photos. He would hold the iphone horizontally in a professional manner and tell us, “Say cheese.” After we posed for him, he will say, “Okay.” Again, in a very professional manner, without looking at us, just solemnly looking at the product of his photography. It is so amusing.

My little baby… my little man… why are you so adorable?

My heart is so full of love for you, I wonder if I would be able to love your sibling as much as I love you.

Little man taking a selfie.

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