Waterplay at Singapore Sports Hub

I was so excited when Singapore Sports Hub was officially opened as I read from the papers that there will be a waterplay area on the rooftop for both children and adults. However, the area was cordoned off when we went over for the first time, as construction was still in progress.

Recently, a mummy friend told us that it was opened for play, hence we went together with our little toddlers to see what’s in store for waterplay.

These photos only show a portion of the waterplay, mainly for children. The other part for adults is still working in progress.

It looked really fun, except that the morning sun is so strong that all of us ended up hiding at this small area where there is shade.

We will definitely go there again, perhaps later in the evening when the sun is not as strong. Their website suggested some really fun waterplay coming up. We can’t wait!

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