The episode when I thought I am losing my eyesight, made me think a lot.

When I couldn’t even see little man’s face clearly even though he is just in front of me, scares me badly. It suddenly dawned upon me, how blessed and fortunate we are to be born healthy. Although I have yet to regain my health entirely, feeling weaker than I used to be and still a little giddy (like mild vertigo) throughout the day, I thank God every morning that I can now wake up with a clearer vision. I thank God for my family who helped me out during this horrible period, and for my TCM physician who gave me hope for full recovery. It was a horrible week, but at least I am much better now. There are so much to be thankful for.

These days, I find myself slowing down and giving little man more time than I used to. Instead of going through our usual routine immediately after waking him up in the morning, I will snuggle beside him, caressing his little cheeks, kiss and hug him until he is fully awake. Instead of rushing to cook his meals, I take some time to sit beside him and watch his favourite documentary together with him. I start to cherish every unblurry sight of my little baby, something I have never take to heart before.

Somehow I think this episode happened to remind me of all the important but little things in life. All other “big” worries do not really matter anymore. Thank You for everything that we have. Thank You for watching over us.

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