One after another

First, it was some unusual-looking “acne-like” rashes around the forehead and nose on the first Sunday of the year. Then they went full-blown the following day. On Wednesday, little man developed a fever of about 38 degree celsius. The next day, at 3am to be exact, little man woke us up with his soiled diapers. Then his diarrhea went full-blown, accompanied by the fever. Went to see the pediatrician that day and learnt that all the above-mentioned symptoms were due to some viral infection.

Went again on Thursday morning because red streaks of stains was found on his diaper. I almost cried. Turned out it was the undigested colour of the anti-virin given. False alarm. That day, little man suddenly decided to quit his milk totally. Suddenly his favourite milk became the most disgusting drink on earth. He would rather take his yucky medication than drink milk.

His fever and diarrhea became much better on Saturday, and we decided to bring him out for dinner and a walk in town. Bad move. He suddenly started sneezing non-stop, the kind that every mother knows it will lead to something bad. So now, little man is officially down again with a serious flu, developing fever (again) and a recovering diarrhea. In total, he attended 3 days of school, missed 3 days of school and will be missing more school till he get better.

How happening can a life of parents be?

I mean, in my previous thirty years of life, I thought I have been through it all. Well, almost. But now with a child, suddenly anything can happen. You can be happily going out one minute, and then going home full of worries with your feverish child. Parenting is really not for the faint-hearted.

I think I need to grow more muscles around this weak heart of mine and be stronger. Somehow, little man’s bad health will always bring me down and upset my health after he recovered. I don’t know how other parents do it, but I really need to learn from all the strong mummies and daddies around me.

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