To raise a child.

I often think to myself how apt this verse is.

For some lucky parents, the “village” are loving extended family who can help them look after the child when the parents themselves are unable to due to unforeseen circumstances. For us, the “village” also consists of understanding colleagues and bosses who make it easier when one is unwell and unable to split oneself between work, family and self.

I was lucky to have such colleagues and bosses.

I think parenting would have been very difficult if the working environment of the parents are not supportive at all. Having said that, it is of course not a priority for an organisation to be family-friendly. Hence, I am utmost grateful when both Hubby and I landed in one.

I often tell Hubby how difficult it is for working parents to be rasing a child/children without any external help, and how ridiculous I felt when I am constantly reminded of our government’s plan to encourage mothers to go back to work and grandparents to work till they are unable to. So, we will have a big workforce, but what about our children? Hubby says, that’s where the foriegn workers come in. Domestic helper. Maids. That is also where the infantcare and childcare centers come in. In fact, they are in high demand, a blooming industry.

I think it is sad. And I think that is where all the social problems come in.

Sometimes I still bear a little grudges that my own mother does not want to care for her grandchild, but some things cannot be forced. No matter what, she is still my “village” although not as much as I would like her to be.

Now, as we start to think about having a second one, we ponder if we need to expand our “village” so that we will not drown in the vast seas of parenthood.