Not much of a break

for me this March holidays, because little man has been staying at home almost the entire holidays.

After knowing that little man’s school has been having a HMFD (Hand Foot Mouth Disease) outbreak since Monday, Hubby and I decided to keep him at home the entire week since I am available to care for him. Initially, we wondered if we were being overly anxious. However, after hearing from many fellow mummies that they would do so too, because HMFD is simply too nasty for the little ones to go through, I was more determined not to let him go school this period of time. It turned out to be a great decision, because the latest news I’ve gotten from the Principal is that there are three more suspected cases since Monday, all from his class.

Although I was not able to rest as much as I would like to, I was really happy to be able to spend more time with my little one who is becoming more and more vocal. I really enjoy our mini conversations throughout the day. Most of the days was spent eating good food and “socialising” and shopping with Popo (my mother). Yesterday, Hubby brought him to see the amazing dinosaurs made of balloons. And this morning, we spent quite a bit of time reading in the library.

I just can’t get enough of my little man. 🙂 It’s so addictive! (Though very tiring as well)

Amyway, remember how Hubby managed to put little man to sleep again? Well, it lasted for two days.

On the third day, little man declared to his Papa that he doesn’t want him to count to 100. When Hubby insisted, he started crying so badly for me. In the end, our little tyrant win this game and Mama is back to accompanying him to bed. Hopefully, Hubby can think of new strategies to counter this and we both can our nightly couple time earlier than later.

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