Some time ago, I came across an article that wrote about this 104-minute self-funded documentary “Under the Dome”, released by an ex-anchor of China Central Television, Chai Jing 柴静. In the video, she spoke in-depth about the air pollution situation in China.

This is not a new issue in China, but what touched me deeply was how her new role as a mother forced her to review this issue in a different light, hoping to make a difference to the environment that her daughter now lives in.

I think it is absolutely possible for Singapore (and our surrounding countries) to follow the footsteps of China if our unapologetic neighbour who have no qualms about polluting the fresh air, continues to do so more and more frequently. It is sad that our ministers cannot do anything about it. It is even sadder that many are taking it more lightly than they should.

I think Chai Jing explained very well in the video how these small particles in the air can harm us in the long run. Hence, I will always put on a surgical mask (although not the best) whenever haze happens. However, I am not able to force the mask upon my little toddler, so the best I can do for him, is to keep him at home when that happens.

Am I being too paranoid? I don’t know. What would you have done then?

历史就是这样创造的。 (History is created like that)
就是千千万万的普通人, (Millions of common people)
有一天他们会说不, (One day, they will say no)
我不满意(现状),我不想等待。 (I am not satisfied with the current situation, I do not want to wait)
我也不再推诿。 (I will no longer shirk responsibility)
我要站起来做点什么 (I want to stand up for myself and do something about it)…