Celebrating Father’s Day

This morning, we were walking towards the bus-stop and this is the conversation we had.

ME: 宝贝,今天是父亲节。我们带爸爸去吃好吃的午餐,好不好?你去问爸爸要吃什么。
(Today is Father’s Day. Let’s bring Daddy for a good meal ok?)

LM: 爸爸,Happy Father’s Day! 我们坐大巴士去吃小笼包,好不好?
(Papa, let’s go and eat Xiaolongbao ok?)

HB: 不好,爸爸不喜欢吃小笼包。
(No, Daddy does not like to eat Xiaolongbao.)

LM: 小笼包好吃,我们去吃小笼包,好不好?
(Xiaolongbao is very nice. Let’s go and eat Xiaolongbao ok?)

And so, we had a very fulfilling meal of Xiaolongbao at Ding Tai Fung.

Happy Father’s Day, dearie. I know our son loves you as much as he love his Xiaolongbao.

Hubby loves little man to the moon and back. Sometimes, he loves him more than he loves me. And that is quite alright with me. 🙂

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