Bedtime conversation

It has been a while since we weaned little man off his pacifier.

We did not apply medicated oil on his pacifier as advised by many well-meaning elders as we were not too comfortable with letting him consume something that is not considered edible. Instead, I cut off his rather broken pacifier one day, and told him that it was completely torn because he has been very rough with his chewing. He was really upset but agreed to stop crying after I promised to “look for a new pacifier”. I told him that his kind of pacifier is not selling in many stores anymore.

He bought my story but was very adamant in keeping what’s left of the remaining pacifier. And he continues to chew the remaining small portion of the pacifier before bedtime, like it’s never broken.

Today, I decided to put an end to this unhealthy relationship once and for all. I cut off the remaining “chewable” portion of the pacifier before his bedtime. When he realised that he is unable to chew anymore, he asked me why. I told him that he must have chewed off the remaining portion, and chided him gently about being too rough with his pacifier. And just like before, I promised him that I would go and look for a new pacifier, although I kept him prepared that many stores are no longer selling such pacifiers. And I was truly amused by what he told me.

“妈妈,我明天穿 Batman 的衣服跟你一起去找奶嘴。我们飞去找奶嘴,叫 auntie 给我们奶嘴。”

The long weekend of Batman series playing on Channel 5 must have left such a deep impression on him, that he thought being a batman will give him a higher probability of getting a new pacifier.

My cutie pie. 😀

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