5 months Steroids Free

Sadly, this is not a “hurray-we-survived-the-eczema” post, but rather another one to remind ourselves that we have come real far, and we should not give up or lose hope now.

Many were puzzled when they read about little man’s eczema as the photos of him certainly do not paint a picture of a child suffering from eczema. After much thought to it, I decided to pull out all the photos that show how his condition deteriorated and worsen over these months. If you asked me, I personally feel that the raw and redness happened right after the flare when we stopped the steroids because they are not working anymore.

21st March 2015 – When a dry rough patch started to form. Suspected to be caused by a pair of pediped shoes, which was thrown away subsequently.

A close-up view

28th June 2015. About 1 month after stopping steroids. It started to grow and turn red.

4th July 2015

5th September 2015

25th September 2015

The FB Eczema support group has provided us a lot of information on what has worked for some members who have healed without using steroids. There are very inspiring. However, everyone’s condition is different, hence what worked for some, may not work for others.

So far, these are what we have tried and did not work out:

1. Accupuncture
2. Ginger soak for more than a week
3. Wet-wrapping

And these are what we are currently trying and going to try in the future:

1. Naturopath
2. TCM
3. Dead Sea Salt / ACV soak
4. Dairy, Gluten, Egg, Soy, Oats-free diet
5. Juicing
6. Filtered water

Because I have been feeling rather unwell lately, I sometimes just do not have the energy to carry certain routines and cooking religiously. It upsets me a lot and I feel extremely guilty whenever little man’s condition worsens.

There is a lot of unknown for his condition. Right now, I am still unsure if his is considered Red Skin Syndrome (RSS) and if he is going through Topical Steroids Withdrawal (TSW). Because he was applied a strong and potent steroid (NEODERM) for more than 2 weeks and the outlook of his skin looked so much like RSS and TSW, there is a high possibility that he is actually suffering from RSS and TSW.

On the other hand, even after looking through so many photos of eczema, RSS and TSW, I am not able to find a sufferer whose skin looks like his, a localised infected area, not spreading to the entire body. Most RSS and TSW sufferers experience full body flare-up.

Every time when my thoughts start to run wild and get the better of my emotions, I tell myself to count my blessings. At least, little man’s eczema is just a localised patch, not full body flare. Right now, I just pray hard every day for the patch to stop spreading and heal soon.

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  1. ACPan


    I m sorry to hear your story. I have tried many med n remedies for skin ptoblem. I assume u r in Singapore.

    I feel u should try salcura products. They use all natural ingredients. You can buy from guardians or Watson… not easy to find but very good n gentle n worth trying.

    They have whole range of products from shower to spray. You can also buy online but shipping cost is high.

    Just head down to guardian stores or call guardian which store carry the products.

    Check www. Dot salcura dot com

    Good luck.

  2. Mama Ong (Post author)

    Thanks, ACPan. I have heard about this brand. Will give it a try when we are feeling braver to try new products.


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