6 months Steroid Free

Many things have happened in this particular month.

Little man fell very sick twice. His eczema improved tremendously after our naturopath’s new treatment (and somehow him getting sick also helps to improve its outlook, if that make any sense at all). We are also starting him on partial Moisturiser Withdrawal (will talk more about it later). And then when we thought things are getting better, little man developed an eye sty and then subsequently his eczema worsen with some strange-looking bumps.

After reading up much online and based on the mother’s instinct, I felt that the worsening of his eczema is caused by the staphylococcus bacteria from his sty. He must have rubbed his infected eye, and then scratched his eczema patch. It looked very much like Staph Infection.

I had wanted to bring little man to Dr Oon and request for a skin test to confirm my suspicions, but Dr Oon is on leave and there were no pediatric dermatologist available for the next few days. Hence I decided to make an appointment with Dr Oon first, and then treat little man’s lesion as Staph Infection to see if it gets better.

We were given a tube of topical antibiotics on our visit to the pediatrician in Korea. He was the first doctor who strongly advised me to never use steroids as it will just make the condition worse. We never get to use the ointment then, and I kept the ointment till now. Thank God I kept it. After reading up much on the antibiotics given and weighing the pros and cons, I decided to give it a 3 days trial on little man. As of now, I see him getting much better than the first day of infection. Hopefully healing will continue where we left off.

Now, regarding Moisturiser Withdrawal (MW). An old friend whose daughter suffers in the hands of eczema, recently took the plunge and brought her to Osaka to visit a renown TSW doctor who believes in stopping steroids and letting the body heals. She has kindly allowed me to share her experience here.

May all our little sufferers heal soon. No child should have to suffer like them.

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  1. kevin

    Hi, I am in the same boat as you. Diet is definately a good way, also suggest remove berries from diet. Its also gets aggrievated by the wearher in the country. One of the best advise I got from a doctor was to apply only petroleum jelly after bath and to rap my daughter with a slightly hot water towel and over that a dry towel. It helps trap the moisture inside. I dont think you can cure it but it mproves with age.

    1. Vickie

      Hi there, will you please share the name of your naturopath with me please. My little one’s legs are red just like your little boy’s. I want to bring him to a naturopath. Thanks in advance.

      1. Mama Ong (Post author)

        Hi Vickie,

        I am sorry for this late reply. My blog has been down for a while due to technical issues, hence I did not see your comment until now.

        The naturopath my son has been seeing is Dr Taylor Bean. Do a google and you can read more about her. Currently she is on maternity leave and has gone back to Canada. Her replacement is Dr Shirley, which I personally feel, may not be as good. I was asking around and someone recommended me a Dr Melanie Phua. She is a holistic doctor, similar to a naturopath, but yet not quite the same.

        I have not tried her as we are trying to do Moisturisation Withdrawal (MW) for little man. He is getting better, though the area is definitely spreading. But we are trying to be hopeful as we have read about many successful healing cases.

        Hope this is helpful. Take care, and God bless.


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