NUC (Kuvings) juicer

I have always been kind of a health freak (before this pregnancy comes along, that is), hence a juicer is one of the many “gadgets” I wanted for my kitchen after getting a house of my own. Somehow this wish was forgotten with little man coming into our lives and all those changes.

Recently, because of little man’s eczema which started early this year, it came across my mind again. Too many people have told me how juicing helps their eczema heal. Having heard so many good things, Hubby and I had a little discussion and decided that a juicer will be in our purchase list this year. But a juicer is not cheap, especially a good juicer.

We were deciding between Hurom or Kuvings, when Hubby found this Korean seller selling NEC juicers on Qoo10 (MODEL:WSJ-962K) at a much cheaper price. NUC is the korean brand name of Kuvings. Hence their juicer works the same way. To buy one at $329 when the actual Singapore retail price is over $600, is a catch, if you ask me. And free Fedex delivery is thrown in as part of the package. The only risk is, you will have to send it back in exchange for a new one, if you are so unlucky to receive a damaged one.

So far, the comments and reviews have been pretty good for this seller. Hence, Hubby decided to purchase it online and we received it within a week.

We have used it for a while now, mostly making ABC juice for the entire family. Initially I was still worried about storage. But most of the time, our family of 3 finishes the juice before the day ends. I also bought a air-tight glass flask to contain the juice after juicing. So far, it works pretty well for our needs.


  • It’s not apparent if jucing helps to better little man’s eczema, but it sure helps him in his bowel movements, which is a major plus in my humble opinion. My pregnancy constipation stituation is also getting much better after juicing.
  • It is pretty easy to use and clean up, if you get the hang of it. Initially, I find there are quite a bit of cleaning to do, but somehow it gets easier and cleaning becomes faster.
  • The juice that comes out is good 🙂


  • It is a WHOLE slow juicer. But the design does not really allow too big a fruit. Some larger carrots and apples needs to be halved.
  • It is not so easy to juice those soft leafy vegetables.
  • The pulp that comes out is pretty dry, which is good. But when I take out the drum, many times I find quite a bit of juicy pulp stuck inside, which is quite a waste, if you ask me.
  • It can get a little noisy if you juice hard fruits, and the motor can heat up a little if you juice for more than 10 minutes.
  • It only comes with a Korean juicing guide (hardcopy), but the seller provides a link to the English version of it.

Generally, Hubby and I are quite happy with our purchase. We have nothing to compare against, except for those old version noisy and hard to clean juicer in the olden days before slow juicer becomes popular. So, are you keen too? 😉

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  1. CHEE wei Ching

    Hi. I just bought one too. But having some difficulty without the English manual. Could not get my hands on any as well.
    Possible to share your copy with me? Appreciate it.

    1. Mama Ong (Post author)

      Hi Wei Ching, I think you can request it directly from your Qoo10 seller. They will email you just as how they emailed me.


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