Welcome to the boys club

As aptly put by my cousin who has three boys of her own.

But there is no way I am going to have three boys. Two are enough, be it girl or boy. They now have company for each other when Hubby and I get older, and that is the only thing I am concerned about.

Actually, we sort of know the baby’s gender rather early back in Week 13. We had the Panorama Test (blood test) done because of my age, and thank God, all is well. But I was in denial. Haha. I refused to believe the nurse (who sounded pretty blur in the phone conversation by the way) and told Hubby that I must see (the penis) to believe.

Yes, I cannot lie. I was disappointed. All signs gave me hope for a girl. But now, I actually feel that it might not be a bad thing for the second child to be a boy again for the following reasons:

  1. I can safely target on a single gender Primary school.
  2. There is no need to buy most clothes and toys. There is no need to buy more storage for dolls and girly stuff.
  3. There is no need to think about having a separate room for the both of them. Just learn to live with each other (in one bedroom).
  4. I can buy new clothes for little man without feeling too guilty about it. Even if he outgrows it, Didi can still wear.

Yesterday, when the village (sans Hubby) accompanied me to my gynea, Dr Tham, baby was so cooperative and generously opened his legs and showed us his precious. Mother was so amused. I immediately called Hubby after that and told him about it. When we came home, Hubby found out that Dr Tham has not saved the ultrascan images in the thumbdrive. He was so upset and kept complaining that Dr Tham should have checked before returning me the thumbdrive.

Seriously, I didn’t think it’s Dr Tham’s fault as this saving of ultrascans is actually a complimentary service on his part. He has been a wonderful gynea, and NOT an IT guy, I had to remind Hubby. I was really amused by Hubby’s reaction, but I guess he was wanted to see his son’s picture, since that he can’t do it in person.

I am really grateful that everything went well for little pea, although my body was still reacting badly to the pregnancy. But as long as baby is well, I will endure whatever I have to go through.

Stay strong and healthy, my little pea. Mama and Papa love you very much.


Mama’s Original Weight: 44.8kg
Mama’s Weight at Week 17: 46.6kg

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