A few weekends ago, we were feeling brave again and took the two kids out to celebrate Hubby’s birthday.

We were at the shopping mall waiting for the lift, with me baby-carrying little pea and Hubby pushing the empty stroller. Little man was standing right in front of us, not wanting to rest in the stroller even though we tried to get him to. When the lift opened, little man rushed in without checking if we were entering the lift as well. I saw it as a teachable moment and started this conversation with him.

Me: Do you know that it is very dangerous for you to go into the lift without us? What happens if the lift suddenly closes and Mama and Papa are not yet inside with you?

LM: Sorry…

Me: If that happens, what would you do?

LM: ….

Me: Remember, if that really happens, you should press “1” and wait for the lift to go to the first storey. Mama and Papa will also go to the first storey to look for you.

I tried to come up with various scenarios and asked what he would do to check for understanding. He seemed to be a little confused and started to come up with irrelevant stories, hence I dropped the topic, keeping in mind that I will go through the scenarios with him again another day.

It dawned upon me that other all the academic skills and knowledge I intended to teach him, these are important life skills and knowledge he should have as well.

Just the other day, I was fetching him from school together with little pea. We were chatting and I started telling him about how some people will come out to kidnap children. Again, I gave him a scenario and asked what he will do, and then guided him on what he should do when such an event really happens to him.

I also started making him memorise our (his parents) full name and mobile numbers. I think these are really important information a child should have in case of emergency. I explained to him why he should know all these information and tried to re-enact a possible scenario that requires him to tell people such information to ask for help. Knowing how to make a phone call is also an important skill he is trying to learn. He is not quite there yet, but I think it’s a good start.

What else do you think I should be teaching him?