unintentionally by another child of yours, what would you have done?

Something happened yesterday. Little pea was lying on his baby throne and I was sitting beside him. Little man was at the other side of little pea, looking through photos of jet-fighters in my mobile phone and drawing them on his Boogie Board. He wanted to show me the photo he wanted to draw, hence he took the phone and attempted to show me by holding above little pea. All of a sudden, the phone slipped out of his small hand and dropped right at little pea’s right eye.

Immediately, his eye was red and there was strains of blood. I screamed, shoved the phone away and carried my crying pea. When he has calmed down, I tried to inspect the extent of his injuries, praying very hard that he suffered nothing serious. There was a small bleeding cut extremely near the corner of his eye. The bottom of his eye was swollen and red. He was crying softly, making voiceless husky sounds. Throughout all this, little man was crying very loudly. He kept saying that he was sorry and he did not do this on purpose. He wanted me to carry him.

However, I did not.

I was badly affected by what happened, tearing badly as I inspected little pea’s injury. I was trying to hold back my words and emotions towards little man and calm down, before deciding what to say to him. At that moment, I just felt really sad for little pea. He had gotten a bad cold from his brother and now an eye injury. I just felt so sad he had to suffer so much.

I know at the back of my mind that it was not little man’s fault. He adores his little brother and would never hurt him deliberately. Hence I knew I had to calm myself down and deal with the situation carefully.

After making sure that little pea is alright, I reached out to little man, who by then was feeling hurt, scared and isolated. It took awhile for him to make sure I was not going to be angry at him. I hugged him for the longest time. When he finally calmed down as well, I tried to explained to him that he has to be more careful in the future and asked him to sayang Didi and apologise.

When hubby called that evening, I broke down while trying to tell him what just happened. And I realised how thankful I am that little pea’s eye is alright. There must be some angels watching over my little baby. That cut is so very close to his eye that something very bad could have happened. Thank God for your protection of my little ones. Please continue to watch over them.

I also realised that I could have reacted better. My first reaction was to scream. And I think perhaps unknowingly, I threw an angry glance at little man. My poor boy must have been very scared too. For a while, he doesn’t dare to go near his baby brother. It was an accident, it could happen to anyone.

It made me to think of the discussion topic in a motherhood FB group that was brought up. What would you do if a child of yours unintentionally cause the death of your other child? Just the thought of it makes me cringe. I would not wish it upon my worst enemy. For now, I just pray very hard every day for God’s protection for them.