It’s always such a joy to converse with little man. The way he put his thoughts to words never fails to amuse me. Sometimes the way he thinks amuse me as much.

Just like today, we were preparing to bathe and go to bed when he suddenly declared that he needed to poo.

Me: 快!爸爸陪你去厕所。(Quick! Daddy will accompany to the toilet.)
LM: 我不要。我要妈妈。(No, I want Mama.)
Me: 乖,妈妈要帮弟弟冲凉,爸爸陪你好不好。(Be good. Mama is going to shower Didi now. Daddy will accompany you alright?)
LM: 不好。爸爸陪我,我大不出便来。妈妈陪我,我的大便才会出来。
(No, my poo will not come out if Daddy accompany me. It will only come out if Mama is with me.)
Me: …….

Later in the evening, I was about to put him to bed after reading bedtime stories together. I told him about our plans for Saturday, that I will bring him to his Speech and Drama class instead of his father.

LM: 我们上完课后,去 Uniqlo 好不好?(Let’s go to Uniqlo after class alright?)
Me: 为什么要去 Uniqlo? (Why do you want to go to Uniqlo?)
LM: 我要买衣服嘛。 (Because I want to buy clothes.)
Me: 你已经很多衣服了。你的衣服比妈妈的还要多。 (But you already have a lot of clothes. You have more clothes than me.)
LM: 可是我的衣服都不是很好看,我要买很好看的衣服嘛。
(But all my clothes are not really nice. I want to buy some really nice clothes.)
Me: ……

I think my little man has developed a very logical and sound sense of reasoning. Sometimes the way he tried to talk/argue his way through left us speechless. But I do not feel that it is necessarily a bad thing. Personally, I do not need absolute obedience from him. Instead of saying “you have to listen to me because I am your mother”, I prefer to explain to him my point of view and discuss with him while guiding him. By teaching him that way, I hope that certain values are internalised rather than forced upon. I hope that he will develop the habit of thinking through his thoughts before putting them to actions.

Thinking about thinking.

Habits of mind.

How apt.

Time to go through the “Habits of Mind” book I bought for him ages ago.