Little man has shown strong interest in performing arts, hence we enrolled him in the Performing Arts Class for toddlers at SHHKact since the beginning of the year.

Yesterday, the teacher got all the students together and put up a simple performance for the parents who were there. Hubby told me that little man volunteered to be the first one to perform. On their way home, little man told Hubby that he felt like tearing when everybody clapped after his performance. (表演完后,我的眼睛好像有眼泪要掉下来了。)He came home, and told me the same thing, and went on to tell everyone he met that day (namely my family) the same thing.

I feel really emotional when I hear that. He was not able to express and explain how he felt then, but I understand. It must be an emotional moment of mixed feelings when he felt touched by his own performance and the audience response. I totally understand because that is why I almost went into theatre. That is why I chose my first job to be at The Esplanade, even though the pay I was given was so pathetic.

I too participated at SHHKact at a very young age. Shortly after, I was selected after numerous rounds to join the children radio division of Singapore Broadcasting Centre, the previous Mediacorp. And needless to say, I was actively participating in school plays, performance and outside competitions. It was a past that brings back many memories, and even now thinking about it gives me goosebumps. Hence, I absolutely understand what little man was talking about.

When I decided to enrol him in such a class, I do not plan for what he is to become. I just want him to enjoy himself, and perhaps if possible find his own interest along the way. However, it really touches me to see so much of me in him.

I hope that I will be able to help him achieve his full potential, and maybe one day, I would be able to share my experience and love for theatre with him, not only as a mother, but also as fellow theatre lover.