Happy New Year! 🙂

My new year starts today because I finally feel more alive after the hectic travelling to and fro Kluang for a family wedding over the new year’s weekend.

Travelling with a child is tiring. Travelling with a baby and a small child is worse. But you know what is worst? Travelling with a baby, a small child and a blur-like-sotong sister who brought her passport cover without the passport and only realised it at the Singapore customs. In the end, we arrived at our Kluang accommodation at 3am instead of the planned latest 1am. Having to get my rather awake children who thought they have slept enough in the car journey to bed, I only manage to catch some winks at 4am. The next morning was another tiring day to get the children and myself ready to receive the marriage couple at my in-laws.

Okay, to be fair, Hubby and my family who went along help out a lot. But you know how the children sometimes only wants their Mama. Hence, those late nights and continuous lack of sleep took a toil on my body. It took some days for me to feel good enough to run the household as per normal. Because of this lack of sleep, I was as not as cautious as I ought to be, and did not manage to stop the unfortunate incident of chubby pea falling off our K-size bed while the both of us were napping together after Hubby and little man left for school and work. I cannot help but kept thinking back how badly he fell and how hard he cried. Thank God, he did not suffer any injuries. Thank God for His protection.

Anyway, I have been missing for a while because life have been very busy with decluttering, baby-sitting and future-planning. As I am going to be a SAHM for a long while, there are so much things I want to do for my children, my lover boy and the household. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and make myself so tired. But seeing the results make one so satisfied.

Hence, these are some of my resolutions for coming year, just for my own references.

  1. Learn more about homemade kefir and kombucha, eventually make for family and save on costly probiotics.
  2. Get children to sleep (not just get on to bed) earlier. Latest 9pm.
  3. Sleep latest by 10.30pm. Get off bed at 8.30am. (Not wake up, because I wake up according to my baby feeding needs, sad to say, hence I often try to catch more sleep after feeding him at wee hours, resulting in getting out of bed late because I AM REALLY TIRED.)
  4. Be more discipline at keeping with routines so that bedtime will not drag.
  5. Plan our meals and cook more nutritious food for the family. Perhaps try to decrease the grains and go more towards Paleo.
  6. Plan a learning and play schedule for little man and keep up with it.
  7. Spend more time reading to the children.
  8. Continue to declutter.

Just a rough guide for me to work on. I feel so good about this year already 🙂

May we all be well in the new year. Eat well, sleep well, live well and try harder to be a better person than we were in 2016.