Little man had his first swim yesterday at almost 19 months.

As little man easily gets running nose and cough due to his sensitive airways. we are very careful about bringing him to places that could easily gotten him sick. The swimming pool is one of them. The last time we decided to be more adventurous with him, we brought him to the zoo’s waterplay area and allow him to play in those not-very-clean water. The next day, he developed running nose and cough. I was so upset with myself for allowing that to happen to him. But at the back of my mind, I know that I shouldn’t be so protective of him. It might not be a bad thing to fall sick once in a while. And since I am taking care of him now instead of him going to infant care, he recovers faster instead of getting worse.

Same thing happened yesterday. It was quite windy and little man was shivering a little while playing in the pool. When we got home, I was really worried that he will fall sick again. I told Hubby I was getting really paranoid when it comes to these, and asked if I should apply the essential oils on him as a precaution, though I am allergic to them. Hubby told me to wait and see how his body cope first. He might not get sick, Hubby was saying. True enough, little man is fine today, other than some unknown rash on his tummy.

I should really learn not to worry so much and let go a little more. Little man has to develop his own body defense. I need to let his body slowly grow stronger by itself instead of trying to protect it all the time.

I need to chill.