In our previous travels, Hubby and I have the habit of going to Tripadvisor for hotel reviews before booking our accommodation for the trip. This time, for our trip to Korea, we decided to try out Airbnb instead.

Airbnb is basically a platform for hosts all over the world to list their space for accommodation. Travellers will have a wider range of accommodation to choose from as compared to the limited number of hotels available. On top of that, if you are not choosy and do your research well, you can find good accommodation at really affordable prices.

Personally, I am very particular about cleanliness and safety of the places we are going to stay in, hence we spent quite some time to look through the reviews and costs before confirming on one that suits our requirements. Generally, the platform is user-friendly and it also has a mobile application for ease of use.

This is the accommodation we have booked for Seoul.


Although it says $107 per night, that is the average price. You can select specific dates to see the exact cost of the accommodation per night. For us, we spent about $80 per night. This helped us to save a lot as most of the hotels we researched cost more than $120 per night, and we are talking about small chain hotels here.

Our host tried to provide us with everything we need. Of course, not all hosts are willing to be so accommodating, hence I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of reading up more on the host and the space he/she has to offer.

Her apartment looks exactly the same in the photo shown, and it was kept clean and comfortable. We stayed there for a week, and then went away for 4 days in Jeju before going back to her apartment for the next 3 days. Housekeeping is not provided for your length of stay, unless you request for it, and that will be additional cost for you to bear.

These are some photos of our stay.

In comparison, our accommodation in Jeju is not as comfortable as the one in Seoul.


Although the reviews for that apartment are quite good as well, it was not as good as I expected given that the accommodation in Seoul set high standards. I may be too picky, but here are some aspects the host can improve on and probably you can consider or ask about when you are considering your accommodation.

  • Hand towels, instead of towels are provided. I am glad we asked about this, and requested the host to help us buy bigger towels. We had wanted to pay the host, but he kindly decline. Bigger towels are necessary when you are in a cold country with a baby/toddler/little child.
  • Vacuum-cleaner or floor cleaning tools of any kind is not provided. This is extremely important when housekeeping services are not provided and your pick-up-everything-from-the-floor toddler needs to sleep on the floor. Having said that, the host provided us a small hand-broom in the end after requesting a couple of times for it.
  • The bathroom is so cold, even I shiver when I have to bathe.
  • The air-conditioner is rather faulty and very noisy.
  • The spring coils in the bed can be felt throughout the entire night lying on it. It makes one rather uncomfortable after a while.
  • Jeju is a very humid island. Clothes washed do not dry easily at all, unlike Seoul. It is extremely important to find an accommodation with dryer if you intend to wash your clothes during your stay there. I was pretty upset to have to dry my little one with wet towels because it did not dry up even after a day of putting it out.

All in all, I had a pretty good experience with Airbnb accommodation despite some shortcomings. I think the quality of Airbnb accommodation depends a lot on the country you are travelling to. Probably I wouldn’t consider staying in an Airbnb accommodation if the living standards are very much lower in that particular country, and I believe in countries like Singapore, Airbnb accommodation is not considered legal.

Do you have any good Airbnb accommodations to recommend? Do share with me more about it! 🙂