As mentioned in my previous post, I decided not to update my facebook and blog during this trip after watching an episode of Crime Watch about cyber safety. I would unknowingly be revealing the length of time we will be away from home, which also meant our house will be vacant for that period of time.

It may seemed paranoid of me, but after watching that episode, I was reminded once again how close crime can be if we are not vigilant.

Writing a blog is not new to me. I started blogging back in 2006 as a means of communicating to myself, a way to sort my feelings and emotions, a place to vent my frustrations. It was written mainly in Mandarin and mostly about feelings and emotions. Rarely do I give details about myself or the events and happenings that I am writing about, hence cyber safety was never an issue on my mind.

This current blog however is quite different as sometimes much details and photos of events and loved ones were shared. Initially I was not very comfortable about sharing these photos, but sometimes pictures speak more than words. Still I was careful about the information I shared. It wasn’t until that episode of Crime Watch that I realised that I can be more careful.

I used to post photos and blog as I travel. It is no big issue as I was staying with my family. Now that we are living on our own, telling people that we are away for travel is as good as telling people that our house will be vacant for the next two weeks. The crimes that were replayed on Crime Watch could easily happen to any of us. You never know who is reading your blog and deciphering it in a way that you would have never imagine. A cousin of mine once told me that she did not post photos of her girls online as the things people could do with those photos are disgusting and beyond your imagination. I totally agree with her. Nothing is more important than protecting our family and our children.

This blogger was once sharing about how easily people can track your whereabouts using your instagram photos. Those photos were geotagged due to some settings on the instagram. It was rather unsettling to know how much information about yourself can be revealed without even you realising it.

I think sometimes we can be rather negligent especially when it has become part of our daily routine to post online, be it facebook or instagram. We have good intention to share, but we need to be more aware about what we post and protect ourselves.

Okay, wrong context, but really “Think before baring it all.”