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“Eventful” weekend

It started early on Friday.

Little man was sent over to my mother’s place to stay over for the day, while I went to National Skin Center early morning for the sudden eczema flare up that doesn’t seemed to go away even after various attempts of steroid creams.

I am grateful for a really patient and understanding dermatologist, Dr Hazel Oon. She patiently explained to me the uses of the numerous steroid creams I accumulated over the past year and puts me at ease on the issue of Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome. According to her, steroids are often underused because people became so afraid of steroids’ side-effects that they are not able to properly help those that can be relieved. But of course, I still believe in using medication (including steroids) with caution.

In the afternoon, I went over to National University Hospital’s Urology department for a detail checkup of some issues I have been facing ever since the delivery of my little boy. Spent the entire afternoon waiting for doctor, waiting to take tests, waiting for results. Thankfully, doctor cleared me, saying that anatomically and functionally, I am good. It could be either psychological or hormonal (Actually he didn’t say that. But I deduced for him, and he kind of agreed.)

Then I went back to my mother’s place to fetch little man. Poor little man has been having watery poo since Tuesday. Since it’s only once a day, I decided to monitor instead of bringing him to the pediatrician. This happened before, and it went away after a day or two, hence I thought it will be the same this time round. But in the end, it didn’t. That evening, little man had watery poo again and it seemed to be getting worse. We quickly brought him to Dr Oh, who was surprised that little man never once complained to us about stomachache. According to her, the churning in his tummy must be causing him much pain and discomfort. But no, little man never once complained about it. The only signs are the watery poos and his crankiness. I was really glad we brought him to see the doctor there and then.

That night was terrible. Little man woke up and wouldn’t stop crying at about 3.30am. He seemed extremely irritated and frustrated, and kept telling me his nose is blocked and he can’t breathe well. I was really worried that he was infected by the flu bug during his stay at my mother’s place (She was recovering from a major flu.), and started to apply Thieves and RC (essential oils) on him. He finally calmed down and went back to sleep at about 5am. I couldn’t sleep after that. Before I know it, it’s 8am and my baby boy has woken up again. Saturday became a zombified day. My menses came to play as well. Talking about timing.

Anyway, little man is getting much better. He did not poo yesterday, and just had some watery poo this evening. It is definitely not as bad as Friday, but really hope he recover faster. He has lost so much weight within this few days, his tight diapers feel so loose now. 🙁

Eczema due to Essential Oils

Those with feeds must be wondering why I posted so many posts within an hour. Actually those previous posts have been all half-written because I was interrupted by little man. Sigh. But sweet interruptions those are 🙂 I only have time to write when little man is sleeping. Within those 2 precious hours, got to take lunch, do housework and then write blog, not simple.

Anyway, this post is about my rash that I complained in my last post.

Seen the skin doctor at National Skin Centre this morning and did some tests. Turned out that these are a rather bad condition of eczema with bacteria infection due to the use of essential oils. Remember I was writing about how the Young Living essential oils helped little to clear his cough within 2 days in this post? It probably worked for little man, but not for my skin.

I was feeling really upset and in dilemma as I have just bought 2 new bottles of Thieves and RC for little man. They are NOT cheap. But Hubby said something that strike a chord in me. He said that we are lucky this eczema doesn’t happen to little man, and that $89 spent, just take it that we have spent it on a good dinner at a restaurant. No point using the oils again when it can cause such harm. Whenever I 钻牛角尖 and make myself go in circles, Hubby will always enlighten me.

So now, I will stop using essential oils. Sigh, hope little man will stop getting flu and cough from various people. It’s really hard when just going downstairs to take a walk, we will definitely come across people sneezing and coughing away. There is definitely a nasty virus going around!

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