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Our little pea

Most of you would have already known, but still I want to officially introduce the 2-week-old new member of our little family,

Little pea.


It has been a extremely tiring yet wonderful 2 weeks since little pea arrived. There are so many things in my mind that I want to put into words. But I am just too sleep-deprived at the moment. Let me slowly get used to the new schedule that involves a little human being and my hard-as-rock-and-painful-beyond-words twin assets. Then I can get back to writing again.

Take care for the time being. 🙂

Welcome to the boys club

As aptly put by my cousin who has three boys of her own.

But there is no way I am going to have three boys. Two are enough, be it girl or boy. They now have company for each other when Hubby and I get older, and that is the only thing I am concerned about.

Actually, we sort of know the baby’s gender rather early back in Week 13. We had the Panorama Test (blood test) done because of my age, and thank God, all is well. But I was in denial. Haha. I refused to believe the nurse (who sounded pretty blur in the phone conversation by the way) and told Hubby that I must see (the penis) to believe.

Yes, I cannot lie. I was disappointed. All signs gave me hope for a girl. But now, I actually feel that it might not be a bad thing for the second child to be a boy again for the following reasons:

  1. I can safely target on a single gender Primary school.
  2. There is no need to buy most clothes and toys. There is no need to buy more storage for dolls and girly stuff.
  3. There is no need to think about having a separate room for the both of them. Just learn to live with each other (in one bedroom).
  4. I can buy new clothes for little man without feeling too guilty about it. Even if he outgrows it, Didi can still wear.

Yesterday, when the village (sans Hubby) accompanied me to my gynea, Dr Tham, baby was so cooperative and generously opened his legs and showed us his precious. Mother was so amused. I immediately called Hubby after that and told him about it. When we came home, Hubby found out that Dr Tham has not saved the ultrascan images in the thumbdrive. He was so upset and kept complaining that Dr Tham should have checked before returning me the thumbdrive.

Seriously, I didn’t think it’s Dr Tham’s fault as this saving of ultrascans is actually a complimentary service on his part. He has been a wonderful gynea, and NOT an IT guy, I had to remind Hubby. I was really amused by Hubby’s reaction, but I guess he was wanted to see his son’s picture, since that he can’t do it in person.

I am really grateful that everything went well for little pea, although my body was still reacting badly to the pregnancy. But as long as baby is well, I will endure whatever I have to go through.

Stay strong and healthy, my little pea. Mama and Papa love you very much.


Mama’s Original Weight: 44.8kg
Mama’s Weight at Week 17: 46.6kg

What come may

This morning while strolling at the park, Hubby suddenly told me that he had a strong feeling that my next pregnancy will be a pair of twins.

I freaked out on the spot.

Truth to be told, just thinking back about how difficult going through a pregnancy is, scares the hell out of me. It is already very tiring to deal with work, housework and a playful, clingy and emotional toddler on a daily basis. Yes, no doubt it is very fulfilling and at times, entertaining. But just the thought of puking every day and night for the almost entire pregnancy puts me off. I can’t imagine having twins. Double the agony, I supposed?

If I were younger, I would probably give myself a few more years to settle down. But I am not. And the risks for both mother and child go up as the mother gets older. So I guess, it’s really now or never.

I think I need some time to get used to the idea of having twins. So when they really come, I am able to embrace these little lives in my petite body.

It takes a village

To raise a child.

I often think to myself how apt this verse is.

For some lucky parents, the “village” are loving extended family who can help them look after the child when the parents themselves are unable to due to unforeseen circumstances. For us, the “village” also consists of understanding colleagues and bosses who make it easier when one is unwell and unable to split oneself between work, family and self.

I was lucky to have such colleagues and bosses.

I think parenting would have been very difficult if the working environment of the parents are not supportive at all. Having said that, it is of course not a priority for an organisation to be family-friendly. Hence, I am utmost grateful when both Hubby and I landed in one.

I often tell Hubby how difficult it is for working parents to be rasing a child/children without any external help, and how ridiculous I felt when I am constantly reminded of our government’s plan to encourage mothers to go back to work and grandparents to work till they are unable to. So, we will have a big workforce, but what about our children? Hubby says, that’s where the foriegn workers come in. Domestic helper. Maids. That is also where the infantcare and childcare centers come in. In fact, they are in high demand, a blooming industry.

I think it is sad. And I think that is where all the social problems come in.

Sometimes I still bear a little grudges that my own mother does not want to care for her grandchild, but some things cannot be forced. No matter what, she is still my “village” although not as much as I would like her to be.

Now, as we start to think about having a second one, we ponder if we need to expand our “village” so that we will not drown in the vast seas of parenthood.

Boys and girls

Mummy Adeline is very kind to host us today at her place for a casual playdate. (“Casual” = Just for play. No planning of lessons.) The mummies had fun chatting, while the little children learnt to play with each other without tearing anyone’s hair out.

It was so entertaining to see how the little ones interact with one another.

Little Jared was constantly looking for Mama and only wanting to play with Mama. After little Noah warmed up to little Jared, he started “trying” to play with little Jared. “Trying” because little Jared at times rejected him and tried to push him away. Mama saw that and made little Jared apologise to little Noah. Then they do a quick awkward hug, and try to play together again. When the two boys decided to play with each other, they are usually up to no good. They will start to jump around, do dangerous stunts, and run in and out of the kitchen. Little Faith saw that and went into the kitchen with them. She then came out and started “complaining” to me about the naughty things the boys were doing in the kitchen in her baby language. The funny thing is, when the boys played with the girls, they were so much gentler and careful. I can see little Jared become more giving when dealing with the girls. Little Belle was looking for something to play with. She saw little Noah with his racket and ball, and suddenly decided to “cry” to get the attention of her mummy to get the toys she wanted. Little Kaylea is the little observer. She doesn’t snatch toys from other children like the older ones do. She, like little Jared, prefers Mummy over anybody else.

It is so cute to see the difference between the boys and the girls.

Sure, boys are rowdy. They are extremely active and at the end of the day, they can get so sweaty and smelly. Girls, on the other hand, can sit down with a book or toy for a longer time. They don’t really dash around like the boys do. There is also a difference from the way they ask for Mummy. The girls whine, the boys don’t. After being with a boy for two years, I don’t know if I can handle a girl’s whining. But I would still very much like to have a girl so that I can doll her up. 🙂 And since little Jared is oh-so-gentle-and-giving to girls, maybe having a little sister is not such a bad idea. I think he will be a good and protective big brother towards his sister. But well, you know, such things are in the hands of God. We can only try and pray hard. 🙂

PS: Some mummies were talking about having a second one next year. Hee… there is a possibility we could come together for another playgroup for our second one if they all happen on the same year.

The more we get together, the merrier we’ll be! 🙂

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